Sunday, October 24, 2004

The "Shadow Presidency of John Kerry 2001-2004"

Karl Rove, the neocons, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney are trying to make you believe that when certain (negative) things happened during their reign, the principal culprit was John Kerry.

You would say that George W. Bush is the unluckiest president of modern time. Now all the bad news is not as random as you may think. Popular wisdom suggests that "we are the crafters of our own happiness", or you may say that our own actions may bring our downfall. Another wisdom saying spells "if you live by the sword, you die by the sword". The latter is more representative of the above "clique". Cockiness also spells trouble for most humans (i.e.: Bill O'Reilly)

The Bush administration went down a fantasy path ignoring facts, warnings, expert advice and common sense regarding the running of the country. Utopia, is the closest term to define their philosophy. Utopia is defined as a social philosophy that is not compatible with human nature and is not implementable in real life. Since their utopian vision and subsequently utopian actions, the coming of bad news were unavoidable. Results come based on the fallibility of the underlying philosophy.

While the Bush Administration was busy giving tax breaks to the wealthy, tax breaks to big corporations, deregulating industries to favor big business, privatizing public schools, prisons and the armed forces, giving no bid contracts to corporations which are political supporters, withdrawing from Global Warming Treaty, IBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) Treaty, ignoring all the national issues regarding it's citizens, ignoring all intelligence warnings about terrorist threats, invading the sovereign country of Iraq under false and manipulated pretenses, they could not stop the developments of failures as a result of it's policies.

Here comes "The Shadow Presidency of John Kerry" and the blame goes like this:
1. The failure to prevent 9/11 is John Kerry's, because in the 90's John Kerry proposed a $6 billion cut in the intelligence budget. (that bill has not passed in Congress, rather the Porter Guss' bill, supported by Dick Cheney, much larger than the bill proposed previously).

2. Invading Iraq is John Kerry's fault since he voted for the war resolution.

3. The high casualties of war due to the improperly armored troops happened due to John Kerry's vote against the $87 billion funding of the war. They don't mention that the bill passed regardless of Kerry's protest vote, yet the troops are not properly armored today.

4. The failed policy of the war in Iraq and the increase of the insurgency is a result of Kerry's pessimistic view of the war that aids the enemy.

5. The increase of the gasoline price is the result of Kerry's vote to increase the tax on gasoline.

6. The loss of jobs in this country by outsourcing is the result of Kerry's vote in favor of NAFTA, WTO etc.

7. The high cost of health care is due to Kerry's support of malpractice laws and his siding with the lawyers.

8. The flu-vaccine shortage is Kerry's fault since he sided with the litigators instead of the pharmaceutical corporations and failed to propose a bill in Congress to solve the supply and demand issues.

9. Kerry's failure to introduce a bill in favor of renewing the assault weapons ban makes our streets more dangerous.

10. The slide into poverty of about 4 million people is caused by Kerry's vote against tax relief for the wealthy, preventing any trickle down to the poor.

11. Kerry's protesting the war in Vietnam caused this country 58,000 casualties and the loss of that very war.

12. And finally Kerry bears the responsibility for at least three out of four hurricanes hitting Florida this year, because he is a flip-flopper.

So, on november 2nd make sure to vote and sentence Kerry to death.